First Look: NT's film Death of England: Face to Face

Images have today been released for the National Theatre’s Death of England: Face to Face, a feature film made on the NT’s Lyttelton stage for broadcast on Sky Arts on 25 November.

Following on from their acclaimed stage productions Death of England and Death of England: Delroy, Clint Dyer (Get Up Stand Up!), Deputy Artistic Director of the National Theatre, and Roy Williams (Sucker Punch) have written a standalone new feature film Death of England: Face to Face. Also directed by Clint Dyer, Death of England: Face to Face was filmed in the Lyttelton theatre this June, following on from the success of the NT’s first original film Romeo & Juliet, directed by Simon Godwin and broadcast on Sky and PBS in April 2021.

Giles Terera. Photo: Steffan Hill

In this new film, Michael and Delroy, the two characters from the original NT productions, come face to face following the birth of Delroy’s child and Michael’s niece. Following an explosive afternoon at Michael's East London flat, they are forced to confront their relationship with their country – and with each other.

The cast includes Neil Maskell (Peaky Blinders, Small Axe) as Michael, Giles Terera (Hamilton, Flack) as Delroy, Phil Daniels (I Hate Suzie, Adult Material) as Michael’s father Alan, Amy Newton as Carly and Maggie Saunders as Maggie.

Neil Maskell. Photo: Steffan Hill

Death of England: Face to Face will be playing a cinema preview at Curzon cinemas across the UK on Tuesday 2 November.

There will also be a special screening at Curzon Bloomsbury on Tuesday 26 October, with a live a Q&A featuring writer and director Clint Dyer, and writer Roy Williams.

Phil Daniels. Photo: Steffan Hill.

The film will play on Sky Arts at 9pm on Thursday 25 November.

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