New musical theatre card game released by Stage Insider

A new card game has been announced with a focus on musical theatre, with players competing against each other to collect legendary stage shows. 

The Musical Theatre Card Game by Stage Insider started during the pandemic last year as a way for creator Shaun "to while away the empty evenings when theatres were forced to go dark" during lockdown. From its handmade DIY roots, the game was refined, developed and has now been professionally produced.

The game features 52 vibrantly illustrated cards with quotes and stats for a range of popular shows from throughout the history of musicals, with classics such as Les Misérables and Cabaret to modern hits like Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton.

“Without shows to attend, along with many fans I spent much of lockdown trying to find other

ways to get my musical theatre fix," said Shaun. The Musical Theatre Card Game was a firm favourite with friends and I’m ecstatic that fellow theatre nerds can now play in their own homes.”

The game can be played with between two and six players and is recommended for ages four and up and is available from Amazon, Etsy and directly from The Musical Theatre Card Game can be ordered in the UK, USA and rest of the world.

Stage Insider are offering customers 20% discount code: EARLY20 on before 30th November (T&Cs apply). (The Understudy do not earn commission from this code.)

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