Samuel Barnett to star in new solo show MEDIUM at Riverside Studios

Samuel Barnett will bring his one-man show MEDIUM to the Riverside Studios for three nights it has been announced.

Inspired by his discovery in 2020 that he descends from a long line of mentalists, conjurers, illusionists and magicians, Barnett spent lockdown studying some of his family's most famous and celebrated routines and investigating his show-business DNA – learning the trade of his forefathers and researching the family genes that led him to a career on the stage.

In MEDIUM, he presents a magical journey through his family tree and reveals some of the amazing discoveries that he has made along the way.

'Filled with audience interaction from willing participants, twists and turns, MEDIUM plays with illusion.  Not everything one sees is real and sometimes one cannot see what is before one’s very eyes.  This is not a show for the faint of heart nor the closed of mind.'

Barnett is a two-time Tony nominee, for the Broadway productions of The History Boys and Twelfth Night, respectively. He also played the title role in Dirk Gently's Detective Agency for BBC America.

MEDIUM is at Riverside Studios from 9 December - 11 December.

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